The Importance of Playing Multiple Sports

2 min read

Many coaches encourage players to “focus” on one sport. In my opinion, this is the wrong approach to developing athletes. There are so many carryovers from one sport to the next. Football players can gain so much from playing basketball. The hand-eye coordination, the ball skills, the moves, playing sound defense, boxing out while rebounding..the list is endless. Pitchers in baseball have to strategically coordinate their pitches while considering the count, the inning, the score, the weather, the opposing batter..sound a little like a QB walking to the LOS?

Playing tennis requires great conditioning and attention to detail while understanding your opponent more and more throughout the match. Soccer teaches players to create a plan on a very large field while adhering to the rules of the game. Hockey requires coordination, grit, strategy, etc.

The list goes on. Every sport requires attention to detail and elements of athleticism that can be transitioned into another sport. Football players that have played multiple sports in the past have an edge over players that have not. If you are trying to help your player decide whether to play multiple sports, please consider these thoughts and think of each sport as an added x-factor to his/her favorite sport.