Putting In The Time

2 min read

Many athletes are looking for quick methods to get on the field. They want a starting spot without possessing the talent or without having put in the time necessary to earn the spot. Unfortunately, this lack of patience can lead to poor decisions. Leaving a school or a team early is not always the right answer. Whether you have 1, 2, 5, or 8 QBs in front of you, leaving after one season is not always going to better your situation.

Playing ball in college is a business. Coaches are working to earn money for their families, and their best investments are their players. Any coach that may promise you a starting role, could get up and leave at any moment. He or she may receive a better offer elsewhere. This must always be considered while debating on leaving your situation for another. No starting position is guaranteed.

Many players outside of the US have a certain expectation when it comes to playing time. It always depends on your coaches and team culture, but starting roles are earned, not given. Whereas many players actually pay to play, they expect to receive playing time. If playing time is not immediately possible, players will quit or change teams.

The proper development of a quality football player occurs over many months and years. Before quitting on your team and yourself, make sure the grass is truly greener on the other side.