The Importance Of Staying Athletic While Training

2 min read

Quarterback play is based on athleticism, knowledge and good decision making. Many strength and conditioning programs are not tailored for their athletes. As a quarterback, you need to protect your body and stay nimble. Bodybuilding routines and bad technique are not going to help you accomplish your goals. On the field, you need to deliver the football and move quickly in the pocket. Always keep this in mind when you are training.

Quarterback play is not predicated on looks. You can look jacked up, swagged up, etc., but if you can’t deliver an accurately thrown comeback route on 3rd and 8..what’s the point? The most important part of training is to prepare you for competition. Not for the beach. The brute power needed at the OL position is not needed at the QB position. Nobody cares how much you can bench press or squat if you can’t move the chains. Always focus on the goal: PERFORMANCE. Is your routine helping you perform? Do you feel good in practice and on game day?

Focus on exercises that increase strength and flexibility without compromising technique. The body can only move in a few ways: it can push, and it can pull. Make sure to have both movements balanced in your routine. Focus on form and explosiveness. Clean reps in everything that you do.

Run, throw, lead, move the chains; repeat. Don’t lose sight of your goals.